TVZ interview with Brian T. Atkinson

A few weeks ago Sarah and I, being huge fans ourselves, put on a tribute evening dedicated to the late great Townes Van Zandt as part of a series of monthly country music nights we’re going to be hosting. To coincide with our TVZ night, we thought it’d be...

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Goddamn Lonely Love

It was pretty difficult to avoid the expanse of love being carelessly thrown about and shoved proudly onto social media this weekend. But whether it made you feel sick and lonely or made your heart swell with delight…at least it made you feel and that’s always...

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Townes Van Zandt Zine Mixtape

I made a mixtape of suggested listening for the TVZ zine which I thought I’d share this morning so you can start your week in a really excellent way. The artists featured on this are people who have been mentioned in relation to Townes throughout the zine/his...

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St John the Gambler and Caroline

This is a short story I wrote for our recent zine, ‘My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys; Townes Van Zandt Edition’ that we released in conjunction with our monthly tribute night. I was inspired by songs from Townes’ albums ‘Flyin shoes’...

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