It was pretty difficult to avoid the expanse of love being carelessly thrown about and shoved proudly onto social media this weekend. But whether it made you feel sick and lonely or made your heart swell with delight…at least it made you feel and that’s always something to be grateful about because it means you’re still alive and haven’t dried up like an old bitter fruit who has completely forgotten what it’s like to be in love and be loved right back. I had to leave behind dreamy summertime romances to enter the dark lonely London winter and I went in full force with the change in mood. I got under my duvet and spent the christmas period dreaming of those perfect desert nights and warm kisses and driving too fast and Tom Petty cd’s and getting lost and hunting ghosts and chasing trains and and and…The only way to combat it was too sink into melancholia with a goddamn lonely love playlist to see me through the hibernating months in the appropriate wistful fashion of lovers left behind. This playlist will break your heart and put it back together again a hundred times over. Enjoy!

(Some of these beautiful songs were sent to us as musical postcards of love)

Words: Sophie

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