About Us

Gut Feelings is the love child of Sarah Crowder and Sophie Ioannou, bought crying and screaming into the world on a cold January morning in 2013.

We bonded over our mutual love of Leonard Cohen, Lucky Peach Magazine, Anthony Bourdain, eating ’til you’re comatose, writing ’til your fingers blister and travelling ’til you forget where home is. From this, came a bi-monthly illustrated and themed zine full of stories, recipes, drawings and interviews.

We also put on a monthly country & folk music night called Gypsy Sally’s, publish musicians recipes books and host a regular radio show amongst other exciting things. There are lots of pans bubbling away but they are all cooking something delicious.

At the moment Gut Feelings has two parents but it takes an entire village to raise a child and we would like to have a whole community of like-minded people bringing this baby up with the dedicated unity of the Manson family but without the murders.

Gut Feelings is more than just a zine, its a rocketship and it won’t be long before this beautiful rambunctious little kid starts taking over the world like a way less rapey Genghis Khan.

We hope you enjoy all of our things

Sarah and Sophie


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