scaled_e1318357082A few weeks ago Sarah and I, being huge fans ourselves, put on a tribute evening dedicated to the late great Townes Van Zandt as part of a series of monthly country music nights we’re going to be hosting. To coincide with our TVZ night, we thought it’d be nice to put together a zine with contributions from artists, writers, poets and musicians who have been inspired by his work and who had something to say about how utterly brilliant the man is.

I got in touch with Brian T. Atkinson, who wrote my all time favourite book on Townes (I’ll Be Here In The Morning: The Songwriting Legacy of Townes Van Zandt) who was kind enough to answer some questions on the book while he was out in Los Angeles. Townes is one of the few musicians who I could talk about for hours on end so it’s always nice to get to speak to somebody who is equally as fascinated with the guy as I am. Below is the interview from the zine, hope you enjoy it!



– Sophie Ioannou

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