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Inside the head of…Adam Faucett

by gutfeelingszine | Jul 17, 2017

Illustration by Fabio Vermelho     Adam Faucett is a singer songwriter hailing from Benton, Arkansas. Possessing a voice that ‘knocks your brain into the back of your skull’ (The Onion A.V Club), his songs are beautiful and hollering and raw,...

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Are The Beatles Pro-Brexit?

The United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum of 2016 divided opinion like no other political issue in U.K history. Politicians and high profile celebrities such as Gaz from Geordie Shore and football pundit Mark Bright debated across the breadth of Britain...

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The Oglethorpe Club

For a long time, whenever I pictured someone from the southern United States, I drew two unfavourable portraits: The clueless redneck who lives on a trailer park and spends his day shooting at cans, save for the odd roll-in-the-hay with his wife/sister. Or the...

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Sarah Crowder’s lists; The last word on words.

These lists of words were inspired by this quote; “I think the act of naming something implies, very simply, that you’re not alone. We give names to things so we can talk about them. Once there’s a word for an experience, it feels contained somehow—and the...

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Inside the head of…Alaina Varrone.

Illustration by Fabio Vermelho Alaina Varrone is an embroidery artist from New Haven, Connecticut. Born in 1982 to a family of weirdos and storytellers, she uses this natural creativity to tell her own stories in thread. Many of her works display strong female...

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Inside the head of…Robbie Brindley

Illustration by Fabio Vermelho Robbie Brindley is a photographer from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Shooting mostly on film, many of Robbie’s photos capture the people of his hometown although his projects extend outside of that, including a series of dreamy polaroids...

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Inside the head of…Vanessa Jean Speckman

Illustration by Fabio Vermelho We first came into contact with artist, craftswoman and all-round awesome person Vanessa Jean Speckman a few years ago when our friend Frank was suggesting zinesters in California we could get in touch with. We’ve kept in touch...

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Inside the head of…Esme Patterson

Esme Patterson is a singer songwriter from Denver, Colorado with three solo albums under her belt, and one with the band Paper Bird. We first discovered her when a friend of ours gave us a copy of Woman to Woman, her 2014 album which gives voice to the women...

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