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The Oglethorpe Club

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For a long time, whenever I pictured someone from the southern United States, I drew two unfavourable portraits: The clueless redneck who lives on a trailer park and spends his day shooting at cans, save for the odd roll-in-the-hay with his wife/sister. Or the...
What Happens in Vegas, Ends up in a Zine

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. That’s how the saying goes. Unless you’re unlucky enough to catch something, in which case what happens in Vegas ends up with a visit to the STD clinic. Probably wouldn’t look as good in an advert though, would it? Thankfully,...
A Night In Oxford Mississippi

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2:17am and I’m walking through torrential rain down a deserted Mississippi road. There’s no point running for cover – I’m already soaked to the skin. I don’t know where I’m going to stay tonight but am in high-spirits having extracted myself from a stranger’s caravan...

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