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Inside the head of…Marlee Grace

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Illustration by Fabio Vermelho Marlee Grace is an improvisor and writer residing in Point Reyes, California. She works with improvisation as a method for navigating being alive & making work through movement, quilting, writing, & podcasting. Through her...
Inside the head of…MariNaomi

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Illustration by Fabio Vermelho MariNaomi is the award winning author and illustrator of Kiss & Tell: A romantic resume, Ages 0 to 22, Dragons Breath and Other True Stories, Turning Japanese, and I Thought YOU Hated Me, and the founder of the Cartoonists of Color...
Inside the head of…Adam Faucett

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Illustration by Fabio Vermelho     Adam Faucett is a singer songwriter hailing from Benton, Arkansas. Possessing a voice that ‘knocks your brain into the back of your skull’ (The Onion A.V Club), his songs are beautiful and hollering and raw,...
Inside the head of…Alaina Varrone.

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Illustration by Fabio Vermelho Alaina Varrone is an embroidery artist from New Haven, Connecticut. Born in 1982 to a family of weirdos and storytellers, she uses this natural creativity to tell her own stories in thread. Many of her works display strong female...

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